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Yuli Wood is the first company of China who specially service for yacht munufactures. With the early experience working at the most famous Taiwannese yacht factory, the boss know how strict it is to bulild the most luxury yacht of the world, and to select high quality natural wood is a must.
So this company started with a professional service and high quality standard even though she is a small company that moment. With the years growing, YULI has been the most attactive marine wood supplier of China, especially popular on teak wood supply. There’s also Europe and America Buyers come to us for teak decking manufacture.
Our Service and products 
Teak wood custom mill, Teak deck, teak timber, teak veneers, marine plywoods, veneer plywoods and yacht teak decking whole solutions.
Our team
Stong and professional production and technical team, more than 15years experience on yacht wood milling.
Our equipment
Technical advanced, accurate, efficient, less wastage and save cost, imported for America and Taiwan.
Our Values 
Faith and Credit is the life of an enterprise, just as Honest to a person.
Our duty 
To broadcast the value of wood, leading people to make proper use of wood and be friendly to the natural environment.
Our Mission 
To build the most attractive marine wood brand of Asia and service for global yacht manufactures.

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We provide 24-hour online service, welcome to leave contact or take the initiative to consult.

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We Promise fair Prices and No Extra Charges or Hidden Fees,please feel free to place your order.

Certified Mechanics

We have the latest technology in the industry and the factory uses the most advanced machines for production.

Affordable prices

we offer high quality products at affordable prices. If you have any questions about the price, please contact us.

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