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why Titanic has to install a teak wood deck

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why Titanic has to install a teak wood deck

The RMS Titanic (also known as the Titanic) was an Olympic-class cruise ship that sank after hitting an iceberg on the maiden flight in April 1912. The Titanic was built by Harland and Wolff Shipyard in Belfast, Ireland, and was the largest and most luxurious passenger ship of the time. The Titanic is famous for a romantic love disaster film filmed in 1994. To this day, the name of the Titanic is still very impressive. Many of the things on the Titanic are very interesting, and the large teak wood deck is also very attractive, but few people think about why it has to install a teak deck?

First of all, the teak deck has a heat insulating function. In the past, the hull of the yacht was usually made of steel. In the past, air conditioning was not common, and the steel deck would absorb heat. This would cause the deck temperature of the entire yacht to be very high, which seriously affected the comfort of the yacht. The teak deck is insulated to maintain a comfortable temperature even after prolonged exposure to the sea.

Second, the teak deck prevents rusting of the hull. We know that the environment at sea is very harsh, the environment of the sea is very humid, and the alkalinity at sea is very high, and it is highly corrosive to metals. Coupled with the wind and sun on the sea, the hull of steel is extremely rusty. Teak has high stability and is rich in oil and iron. This iron and oil makes it difficult to deform. It is resistant to sea worms, acid and alkali, especially moisture and corrosion. It can effectively protect the hull from corrosion. 

Furthermore, the teak deck has a non-slip function. Teak is rich in silicon. Teak has a high silicon content, silicon is sandy, so there is a lot of friction on the wet teak deck. Most people will slip on the wet oak or pine boards, but this will not happen. It happens on the teak board.

In addition to these functional functions, the most important reason for installing the teak deck on the Titanic was the decorative effect. At that time, the concept of advocating nature had arisen, and the teak deck for such a huge supertanker was undoubtedly The visual impact of the formation is very shocking and plays a big role in enhancing the luxury of the entire tanker.