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Paradisea Apoda——domestic high-end solid teak furniture top brand

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Paradisea Apoda——domestic high-end solid teak furniture top brand

Paradisea Apoda is the leading in the current domestic high-end solid wood furniture (solid teak furniture) brand. Since its establishment in 2002, it has been insisting on using the most advanced materials and the most rigorous production techniques, and strives to present every piece of work in front of people

Paradisea Apoda also known as the "Bird of Paradise" or "Sunbird", is the legendary bird that lives closest to heaven. When the wind bird expands its gorgeous wings, the sky will inevitably shine. The dawn of happiness comes to the world. The use of " Paradisea Apoda " as its own brand name also reflects the romantic artistic ideas and brand expectations Bird of Paradise - becoming a top-class home brand with unique design ideas and profound artistic connotations. Windbird will use "only the first piece of art" as a design requirement for its own work.

Demanding materials and rigorous and exquisite workmanship make the wind birds destined and mass production missed. As the leading material supplier in the domestic teak industry, Yuli Wood has long been the exclusive teak material supplier for Windbird Home. In 2016, Windbird Home customized a batch of teak materials to our company, including teak boards with various specifications and quality requirements, the most prominent of which is a batch of four-sided clear teak boards that require 5 meters long, which is for the teak material itself. The requirements and production processes are very high challenges. After careful selection of materials, our company carefully controls each production process of teak board, and finally completes the customer's material requirements according to the quality. The customers also greatly appreciate our production process, and believe that our production mode makes their production costs clearer, the material quality is better, and it saves time!