How to properly maintain Teak Decks

How to properly maintain Teak Decks

Teak Decks maintenance method.

Teak is often used as a splint for ships. This is because teak is very durable and the quality of TEAK DECKS is very good. If it is properly maintained, the service life of decades is very normal. If teak's Teak Decking Presision Cutting and Teak Decking Packing methods are improper and the installation method is not correct, it may be destroyed in a year. Therefore, when deciding to use teak as a splint, it is necessary to maintain the teak splint. Delay the service life.

Teak is actually a very sensitive natural material that is used to make ship decks because of the excellent properties of natural wood. In naturally grown teak, there are hard and less hard parts. The teak deck made of less rigid parts can be easily worn. Therefore, during maintenance, you should not use a hard brush to scrub the floor, or use a hard brush to brush the texture, because it is easy to destroy the wood.

The best way to maintain teak plywood is to wash it regularly with clean water when cleaning. Also, don't let the deck encounter high pressure. Wash the detergent, try to choose a mild detergent and a soft cotton cloth, and wash it with salt water. If you have to scrub, don't scrub the wood surface too much. If washed off, the texture on the deck will become lighter. Avoid using chemical products because chemicals can corrode the caulking material.

When the teak deck is being repaired, any problems that arise should be repaired as soon as possible. If you do not fix it earlier, it will easily cause other failures, so that it will take more time and cost to repair afterwards. If it is not repaired in time, it may lead to overtime rot or damage.